Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Check PBS Tonight!

New Orleans and the Gulf Coast will get some wanted attention from PBS's excellent Nova and Frontline series. The New York Times has a nice preview of both programs.

Try not to throw things when Michael Brown's interview appears on the Frontline program.

I welcome analysis from these programs. I also hope that they will revisit our situation with forward-looking programs on prospective solutions and progress as we work on our resurrection.

This summary of the upcoming shows is from the 11/17/2005 Wall Street Journal:

On Tuesday, November 17, PBS will air back-to-back episodes of the science series "Nova" and the newsmagazine "Frontline" that search for explanations in the realms of science and politics. In "The Storm That Drowned a City," Nova uses computer graphics to illustrate Katrina's advance toward New Orleans and dissect the engineering faults in levees and floodwalls that led many parts of the city to become flooded in a toxic soup.

Meanwhile, "Frontline" investigates the fragmented and ineffective response to the crisis, which left emergency personnel without the ability to communicate with each other for days. The show includes interviews with several key political figures, including what it says is the first with Michael Brown, the former FEMA director, since he resigned from that post.


dillyberto said...

This is the real answer for now. We need to continue to gather the press. Washington will forget us. Mayor Ray Nagin is the force working for us in Washington.

What does that say about Gov. Blanco?

What does that say about Mitch?


Mary, Mary, why ya buggin?

We will need torches and pitchforks to wake up the inefficient political system. No, don't go burn your neighbor's car and try to claim french ancestry.

Schroeder said...

Sucks now that I refuse to do cable. I almost only ever watched PBS.

Yes, torches and pitchforks. Now those were the days when protestors knew how to get people's attention.

Anonymous said...

That's interesting -- but you know Channel 12 is still not broadcasting in NOLA yet.

Mr. Clio said...

Channel 12 is available on Cox Cable, but I think you're right about broadcast. I would think an urbane bar could be prevailed upon to flip it to PBS on Tuesday night (e.g. Dos Jefes or some such place).

humidhaney said...

More than anything right now we need 2 things: 1) displaced citizens seeing that their is hope and things are coming back so they come back to help and 2) the media to inform the rest of the country why New Orleans matters.

See 60 Minutes tonight? Horrible. Exaclty what we don't need. I wrote them a letter here on Humid Beings:


dillyberto said...

Thanks for the re-post. I know I would have forgotten.

dillyberto said...


Try that earlier blog as a tonic for the impeach Blanco feeling on emight have after watching the Frontline. Blanco irked me nearly as much as Brownie. So I went to impeachblanco.org and then followed it up with research to the first mentioned link.
What are these people all about?

What is really going on in our state today in the aftermath?