Friday, November 18, 2005

Official Beers of the Resurrection

Given New Orleanians' urgent interest in an excellent flood protection system, we should be careful about which fermented barley beverages we choose.

I endorse Abita Fleur-de-lis Restoration Ale ($1 for every 6-pack sold goes to a hurricane relief fund) and Peter's Brand (can't find a link). I discovered the latter yesterday for the first time at the Sav-a-Center on Tchoupitoulas. At $4.99 per six, it's a proletarian Heineken's, which is to say that it's quite possibly better than the green-bottle brand made famous by that looter guy (and who could blame him?).

Perhaps if we here in south Louisiana had been drinking more Dutch beer, we would have gained by osmosis the Netherlands' world class NATIONAL commitment to flood protection. (Chemists, please correct me if "osmosis" is the wrong term for internalization of wisdom gained by alcoholic beverage consumption.)

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