Tuesday, November 15, 2005

A Visionary Ally

Creative and visionary statements of support for New Orleans from leaders from far away are encouraging. Here's one of the more recent such statements:

From a Times-Picayune article (11/15/2005) by Keith Darce:

U.S. Sen. Lincoln Chafee, a Republican from Rhode Island, wants to give serious consideration to an extensive outer-ring of flood protection for New Orleans that would reduce reliance on the kinds of levees that failed us with Katrina. Chafee, a member of a levee oversight committee who toured hurricane-devastated parts of the city Monday, said, "That may be the route to go," while noting that an outer flood protection system shielding the New Orleans area from hurricane storm surges could cost $14 million for each mile of structure.

"That's expensive," he said. "But then there is an enormous amount of revenue generated from the success of New Orleans. It's a city that generates billions and billions in revenue. That's a factor."



dillyberto said...

How about that. Not only do we have a Senator from Kansas recognizing the need here in New Orleans; but also we have a new found friend in the east. Let's hope he stays an ally after the Saints take it to the Patriots this weekend.

dillyberto said...

La leadership is what we need. Not Huey, not Edwin, not rash Buddy Roemer, we need local idealism and pragmatism. A stretch? Well, there is a group trying to put something together. They need leaders and help...
http://laleadership.net is their site.
What Adam G. Young said,
"Instead of calling for better leaders the LLI is attempting to grow them. To find out more write ayoung@laleadership.net; or jmeade@laleadership.net "