Sunday, November 13, 2005

The World Class City in Darkness

I will move on soon to indications of the bright future of New Orleans. My first few posts will serve to let those outside New Orleans know just how far we have to go to get there, and how much help we can use on the way. The Times-Picayune, our local newspaper, ran this map on November 11, 2005, over two months after Katrina hit and our criminally poor levees failed. (The excellent graphic was done by Dan Swenson of the T-P.)

The dark areas on the map STILL do not have electricity. Much of Orleans Parish and almost all of St. Bernard Parish lack power, and brave people are camping out in their own homes doing work and waiting for electricity. In some cases, it is not safe yet to re-energize lines in their neighborhoods or homes. In other cases, the only hold-up is an inspection from overtaxed parish officials.

Our brothers and sisters outside New Orleans need to know that we were forcibly kept from our homes for a minimum of three weeks; most people who want to come back are only now doing so. Residents of the Lower Ninth Ward still cannot return to their homes in a permanent way. This has delayed the beginning of our comeback. That delay has caused a tremendous amount of anguish here, above and beyond the feeling of loss related to loved ones who are gone or property that has been destroyed or compromised.

Even those of us who have returned to dry homes are waiting for word that our city will receive world-class levee protection and wetlands restoration. Until we get this guarantee, it will be impossible to guarantee the bright future that is within our grasp.

Thanks to Schroeder for pointing me to a nice pdf of this map.


Schroeder said...

GREAT MAP! Thanks - I do GIS work in the real world. I've got a few other map links in my blog.

And yes, I love the patronizing attitude of the incompetents who claim to run things around here.

Screw that bullshit - just let people know the risks and problems, and leave them alone!

Schroeder said...

One more thing - looks like you scanned the map. I like getting these from the PDF version of the T-P. Do you happen to remember what day this appeared?

Schroeder said...


Although it does look as though the T-P has eliminated the PDF archive of the entire paper.

Mr. Clio said...

Yeah, I searched pretty heavily and couldn't find the map, so I just scanned it.

If I stumble on an electronic version, I'll post.