Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Guess who said this?

I'm ready to start a revolution. This is an absolute outrage. Here we are in Month 4 of a terrible, terrible tragedy, and other than hotel rooms and meals-ready-to-eat and some reconstruction, we haven't gotten squat. . . . Has the mood soured? Yes. But are we just going to write off an entire region of the country? Congress ought to get their damned act in order and un-sour it.

Was it Oliver Thomas? Hillary Clinton? Ray Nagin? Mary Landrieu? An angry Lakeviewer or Ninth Warder?

No, it was Bob Livingston, a usually mild-mannered Republican insider. You remember: just a few years ago he was set to be a few heartbeats from the presidency, until some personal problems precluded his becoming Speaker of the House.

I'm encouraged by his candor. If anyone in other parts of the country is reading this, I hope it helps you understand the concern here. If Livingston is saying things like this about his own party, something is terribly wrong.


Schroeder said...

Livingston for President? Hmm ... I guess I don't remember. These days, I think most people would be happy to take a president with an infidelity problem.

dillyberto said...

Bob was on Garland's show yesterday. He is one of those old salts we need to help out now. Like Burgess Meredith in Rocky. (I couldn't put Livingston in the same realm as the paragon Yoda from Empire.)

Anonymous said...

How is Mississippi faring in their recovery efforts?