Tuesday, December 20, 2005

A New Louisiana Purchase

Wow. Inspiring stuff from da po' blog, on this, the anniversary of the day in 1803 when the American flag first flew over New Orleans:
Mr. President, reclaim New Orleans. Come down to the Cabildo and sign a new Louisiana Purchase. Buy not the barren land you see before you, but the awesome potential that lies in its regeneration. Raise the American flag over New Orleans once again so that your citizens will know they have a home and will be protected by a great and caring nation.

This reminds me of Huey Long's history-changing speech under the Evangeline Oak:
Here beneath this oak, Evangeline waited for her lover, who never came. It is a spot made immortal by Longfellow 's poem, but Evangeline is not the only one who has waited here in disappointment. Where are the schools you have waited for your children to have, which have never come? Where are the roads and highways that you send your money to build, which are now no nearer than before? Where are the institutions to care for the sick and the disabled? Evangeline wept bitter tears in her disappointment, but they lasted only through a single lifetime. Your tears in this country, around this oak, have lasted for generations. Give me the chance at last to dry the tears of those who still weep here.

Where is passion and smart leadership? I believe they are coming. The cream will rise.


da po' boy said...

My grandfather used to tell me that Huey P. Long would have saved America if they hadn't killed him. I don't know who he meant by "they" and I don't know what he felt we needed to be "saved" from. Like Huey, my grandfather is not here anymore. But looking at current events, I would have to say that "they" still are. I hope another Huey is still around, too.

Anonymous said...

J. Bennet Johnston

Bob Livingston

Senator Breaux

Who is the honest candidate for the position?

George Shinn

Anonymous said...

Arnie Fielkow.

LatinTeacher said...

Clio, I have several comments which will tomorrow will be posted on my blog, but I will start by saying that I agree with you. What the heck is going on. Someone needs to decide what to do. Screw the consequences and the opposition. I hear parts of plans and pieces of plans and ideas. When does the action start? When do I need to be back to run for mayor/