Thursday, December 01, 2005

Remote Post from Washington, DC

I'm in Washington, DC, today for professional reasons. I forgot my hayfork and torch at home, but that won't happen the next time I come up here if NOLA doesn't get what it needs.

I'm hoping to get a picture of FEMA headquarters; I think it's fairly easy to find. I expect that I'll have an easier time finding FEMA HQ than Mike Brown had finding 20,000 evacuees in the Convention Center. Ba-doom ching!

It strikes me how much water is around D.C. And I remember the complaints from D.C.'s early history about how it was being built in a swamp. I like D.C. very much, actually, and I fully hope that the people here (elected and otherwise) work to make that other city founded in a swamp work for a bright future.

Wonder if the the Corps of Engineers has an HQ? I'll post fun pix if they do.


dillyberto said...

Are you in jumpsuit on these mission(s) impossible with fleur de lis cape & white shrimp boots?

Mr. Clio said...

No jumpsuit on this trip. It's safely hanging clean and dry, ready to take on the Bucs. New logo on back might not pass muster through airport security, anyway.

Schroeder said...

If this is a working vacation, be sure to roll up your sleeves when you pass by FEMA so you look like you're working.