Friday, December 23, 2005

This Can't Be Real, Can It?

I'm going to post something very postive later today to balance out this, but I just had to get this up right away. Below is a letter published in the Times-Picayune this week. I believe my eyes are telling me that this gentleman is trying to defend the Orleans Levee District. I believe he says something about "a near-perfect" record of flood protection.

"Near-perfect" is not good enough, dear sir. This is like talking about "near-perfect" records on stopping space shuttles from blowing up while in flight or "near-perfect" methods of birth control. Not good enough, sir.

I am glad that the gentleman highlights the plight of Orleans Levee District workers who lost their homes. Perhaps they will have useful information from the District and the Corps and will be willing to testify in lawsuits against the Levee District and the Corps. As assistant comptroller, Mr. Bollinger himself might have some interesting information about where funds from the Levee District's casino and airport were "invested." Perhaps Mr. Bollinger is glad records were destroyed by floodwaters.

Unfortunately, in the past New Orleans has had World Class brazenness in its culture. I'm happy we're now moving on to World Class flood protection.
Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Dear Editor:

The Times-Picayune has proven itself either a fool or a tool with its misrepresentation of facts about the Orleans Levee District. It is time you publish a bit of real fact rather than out-of-context innuendo.

The Orleans Levee District inspects its levees 365 days per year and conducts a drive-by once a year with senior staff from the Army Corps of Engineers, Levee District and Department of Transportation and Development. Why, pray tell, do you focus on the annual, one-day affair -- when it is not relevant to the real inspection effort?

Let's be blunt. The Times-Picayune is a tool of the business lobby -- the Chamber and its auxiliary wives -- which is busy collecting signatures and smearing fine people who have devoted a lifetime seeking to protect New Orleans. This group implies that the tragedy of Katrina was caused by corrupt behavior at the Levee District. Someone ought to be sued over this.

The Chamber knows that flood walls failed despite everyone doing what they believed were the right things. The Chamber knows that changing state law to require public bidding for professional service contracts will cure the whole state, while destroying the Orleans Levee District won't do much more than enrich the private sector.

Many employees of the Orleans Levee District lost everything they had. And they lost their near-perfect record against flooding.

Many helped evacuate folks from eastern New Orleans and had to face guns as they evacuated through St. Tammany Parish. I challenge The Times-Picayune to tell the positive about them.

James B. Bollinger
Assistant comptroller
Orleans Levee District
New Orleans
Now in Baton Rouge


ashley said...

Is Bolly boy really that fargin' clueless? I'm just astounded...

Mr. Clio said...

All I know is that my wife and I have four kids. We are experts on the inadequacy of "near-perfect" methods of birth control.

I'm (mostly) kidding.

Marc Morial said...

Bolly boy, as you put it is one of our special folk. He has been annointed. You are supposed to genuflect to our kind.

Khan said...

He tasks me....
He tasks me and I shall have him.

I'll chase him around the moons of Nebia and around the Antares Maelstrom and around PERDITION'S FLAMES before I give him up.

James Tiberius Kirk said...

I'm laughing at your "superior intellect."

dillyberto said...

As General Chang is fond of quoting Shakespeare, but I won't do it in the original Klingon for your benefit - "Have we not heard the chimes at midnight."

Oh, yeah, baybeee.

It's midnight for Bolly boy.

Steve said...

"they lost their near-perfect record against flooding."

Gee whiz,ya think so Sparky??? I know the trend here seems to lean towards qiuting "Wrath of Khan", but I'm going to opt out for a "Scrooged" qoute; "The Jews taught me this great word. "Schmuck"

I think that says it all.\

Great blog BTW!!