Sunday, December 04, 2005

This Looks Like a Start to Something Good

Let's get one voice on the levees, then see about more work on regionalism.

It'll be a tall levee we have to climb. In this article documenting the efforts of the above-referenced group, Rep. Nita Hutter of St. Bernard Parish is quoted thusly:

"The problem is not St. Bernard Parish, " Hutter said. "We have a model levee board and a model levee system. Ours has been damn good at what they do. They slept at the pump station during the storm. . . . Theirs [Orleans's] was a man-made failure. Ours was a natural disaster."
Rep. Hutter has not noticed that St. Bernard's "model levee system" allowed in a storm surge that decimated her parish, an important part of OUR region. Rep. Hutter has not noticed that Katrina did not care about parish lines or that the Army Corps of Engineers' incompetence includes both poorly designed levees in Orleans and the MRGO in St. Bernard.

Rep. Hutter likes the politics of "ours" and "theirs." Rep. Hutter is a dinosaur.

I am thankful for grassroots groups and politicians who prefer the word "ours" and eschew the word "theirs" when it come to the wonderful region in which we live.

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Ashley said...

Exactly, completely, 100% correct, Mr. Clio. There is no "us" and "them" in South Louisiana. It's all "us".