Monday, December 12, 2005

Well done, Dallas Morning News

Excellent piece overall, although I don't think it's only New Orleanians who need to learn how better to live in harmony with the wetlands. I think we're reaping what all Americans have sown in one form or another.

Another decent piece discusses racial considerations in post-Katrina New Orleans. On this front, we can do much better. I don't see people changing their behavior patterns yet. I hear a lot of stereotyping about black Ninth Warders and white Uptowners, and so on. The Citizens for One New Orleans group is a wonderful group fighting to get a single levee board, but they had better get a little darker if they want this truly to be one New Orleans.


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Mister Sulu WON over the weekend.

Didn't know if you saw that.

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egg skirt


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This is old crap.

Talk to us about today's chips and salsa from the president