Friday, December 30, 2005

World Class Leadership from the Commish

It is gratifying to see that a leader in New York City recognizes the galvanizing effect that the Saints can have on our community. I will also give Mr. Tagliabue lots of credit for coming here and seeing the great condition of the Metairie facility, rather than taking the word of a local business leader who says that the practice facility was left in horrible condition by the storm and the military.

I have noted that some Saints players have expressed concern about the "quality of life" in metro New Orleans and about air and water quality. Given that almost every player lives in unflooded, wealthy suburban areas, and given that the players have had little time to spend here, I wonder where they could be getting the idea that the quality of life here is bad. Could it be people, maybe even highly placed people within the Saints organization, planting those ideas in these millionaire players' head?

How are young, very large millionaires made to be afraid? Perhaps by other, much older millionaires?

That doesn't sound very World Class to me.

Thanks, Mr. Tagliabue, for closing 2005 for us on a high note. We'll make it worth your while.


Tim said...

An excellent blog! Keep 'em coming!

Mayor Cooper said...

I want to help in my neighborhood. What are you doing in yours to help out?

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