Monday, January 30, 2006

As the bumper stickers say, THANKS HOUSTON

. . . for reminding the country this week and for the coming months that corruption is alive and well in "successful" cities like you.

ADDED comment 1/31/2006: I say "Thanks" unsarcastically. I really am glad that people are being reminded that New Orleans doesn't have a monopoly on corruption. On corruption, I don't think Houston is any worse than any other city. At least Houston has a mayor who has stepped up for displaced people.

All I ask is that people remember the persistence of human fallibility. It felt lousy and ridiculous to hear holier-than-thou "leaders" from other states making it obvious that we would have to beg for aid or investment here after Katrina because of "our" corrupt ways. Meanwhile, the House Majority Leader resigns in shame and a large source (Lay, direct and indirect) of Bush campaign money in 2000 (when a few dollars might have made the difference that got him elected) goes on trial for cooking the books to cover up a failed company's earnings record.

If disaster strikes your city or town or region, do you want your most unscrupulous citizens' sins held against you?


Judge Alito said...

I pronounce Houston GILLCUP

Anonymous said...

Uh, how does the trial of something that happened almost five years ago show corruption is alive and well in Houston now????

Mr. Clio said...

Has Houston undergone a complete transformation in five years? Has there been a metanoia? I must have missed it if it happened.

My point isn't to indict Houston. My point is to show that the presence of corruption in New Orleans is no excuse for withholding or restricting aid to or investment in New Orleans.

Humanity is fallible everywhere. The fallibility of certain individuals in New Orleans should not punish the many honest people.

I have been a huge advocate for Houston and its noble mayor, Mr. White, who stepped up bigtime and continue to step up. I and all sane Orleanians are forever grateful. I hope we can begin to return the favors one day.

I am also suprememly confident that if the roles were reversed, Louisianans would open their homes and hearts in a big way toward Texans.

ashley said...

Has anyone seen a "THANKS HOUSTON" bumper sticker on anything but a late model SUV?

Didn't think so.

Polimom said...

Mr. Clio,

Speaking on behalf of Houston (yes, I'm taking liberties), I'm pleased the city is able to provide a bit of perspective on corruption.

Lots of people around the country seem to be standing in glass houses (another unfortunate human failing).

Mr. Clio said...

Polimom, I really don't begrudge Houston for this. I just want a little perspective from folks, that's all.

Ashley, my theory on the SUV thing (you're dead right) is that it's all lawyers who were displaced. Does anybody know the answer to this?

Chuck said...

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Polimom said...

Oops! Oh nononono - I was agreeing totally with you, Mr. Clio. Nothing sarcastic or hidden behind my comment at all.

The short-term memory loss displayed by so many around the country about their own politicians has been unfortunate for New Orleans.

And I fully agree with you about how Houston stepped up to the plate for its neighbors. Over the years, I've been pretty tepid about this city, but I'm pretty proud of Houstonians (for the most part) these days.

Houston Oiler said...

At least you still have a football team. We haven't had one since Dan Pastorini and Earl Christian Campbell left.

We still have our song, though!

Big__Shot said...

Are the THANKS HOUSTON bumper stickers supposed to be genuine, or sarcastic?

bigbrowneye said...

Is there any cultural heritage attached to Houston?

Is anyone actually FROM Houston?

I thought it was like LA. Everyone moves there and claims how great a metropolis it is, what culture, etc.

It's just Kenner on steroids.

Aaron said...

I think there are two schools of the "Thanks Houston" bumper stickers: (1) those who are genuinely thanking Houston, and (2) racists. I only say this because I've met both schools of people, neither of which are abashed about their opinions, though one of them should be.

Anonymous said...

i'm a reporter at the times-picayune. i'm interested in learning about the 'thanks houston' bumpersticker. i'm confounded on what it means and who made them, etc.....504-826-3304 if anyone from new orleans would like to share an opinion.
i need to have someone go on the record, by the way.
gwen filosa