Sunday, January 29, 2006


In previous posts, I have consigned Mayor Nagin to the graveyard, his plot right next to those of Governor Blanco and President Bush.

I am having a bit of a change of heart. I have recalled that Sheriff Harry Lee of Jefferson Parish has been re-elected repeatedly. The loudest critics of Mayor Ray Nagin's "God bless our Chocolate City" remarks have been suburban Jefferson folks. It is notable that the profiteering company making t-shirt money off of Nagin's comments is located in Kenner.

I am willing to bet all of my earthly possessions that the vast majority of these Nagin critics have voted for Harry Lee on a consistent basis.

Now, Harry Lee has made national headlines (when it was harder for metro NOLA folks to do so) by justifying routine stops of blacks in rinky-dink cars in welloff white neighborhoods. I don't recall any kind of apology from him for saying that.

Nagin has made repeated and heartfelt apologies that ring true, based on his experience of being absolutely pounded by displaced Orleanians at frequent town hall meetings he had led. I hate what he said and how he said it (that hellfire-Farrakhan tone didn't suit him), but I am impressed by his apology.

I am also generally impressed by many of his efforts around the city pre-Katrina. I don't think one can turn this place around in a week, but he had some good things going.

Thus, in the end, I'm still willing to consider voting for him, depending on who else is running.

The City Council, however, should be OUT, across the board. Oliver Thomas is the only one I would consider keeping.


dillyberto said...

Oliver Thomas is runniing for Council or mayor?

All of his rhetoric has him ready to jump on that, I thought.

Whaddya tink or know about it?

dillyberto said...


Bingoboy is having his bday next weekend. He said he would be interested in another "rally" at the corps of engineers.

I still have charcoal.

I don't care when the TV cameras come or go. Sausage and kraut, now that's a different issue.

Anonymous said...

Hey this Chocolate City rebuilding plan has some good points! :)

Murph said...

You make a good point re: Harry Lee, but I would hope that New Orleans has more than two choices in leadership between Nagin and Lee. Can't they just both suck? I know Harry Lee told me not to mess with his movies, but perhaps they both need to go.

Liz said...

I'm glad to see the change of heart on Nagin. I would like to see an election with a strong selection of candidates, but I still think we could do worse than Nagin. I wouldnt reject him just yet.