Friday, January 13, 2006

No, thanks.

Visiting Disney World's approximation of New Orleans, Orlando resident Terry Quinn, 53, said,
"In a way, something like this might give the new New Orleans something to shoot for, in the rebuilding. . .. They keep this place much cleaner. I've walked down Bourbon Street, and there's a little different odor."
I wouldn't defend every odor in the Quarter as necessary, but Ms. Quinn doesn't get it. My response: No, we'd prefer to be World Class, not Walt Class.


Tim said...

Her comment is (inadvertently) frightening on many levels. I think a fear that we all share is that NO is going to become some kind of Disney-type attraction... white-washed and sanitized of all its glory. That certainly speaks to the need to lure different industries to the area to wean the city off the fickle tourist teat.

No thank you... I would rather have NO the way I remember it, dirty fingernails and all!

Cade Roux said...

No doubt, Bourbon street after the storm was cleaner and more pleasant.

But Bourbon street before the storm was still better than the fake stuff you get at Disney and Vegas.

ashley said...

Yeah, when we want to enjoy Orlando, we visit Metairie. Same traffic, same heat, same charm.


Mr. Clio said...

Nice comparison!

In a way, something like Metairie might give the new Orlando something to shoot for.