Friday, January 13, 2006


If somebody can state our case better than this, I'd certainly like to see it. The Dutch solution isn't magic. It requires funding, hard work, commitment, funding, funding, and commitment, and hard work. The President made it clear yesterday that he's capable of none of these.

Tim, the gentleman who makes the case, has an awfully clear voice for somebody who lost his house and car. How come the homeless guy can see things so clearly, and the guy who lives in the White House can't? I think I know the answer.


dillyberto said...

Because the guy in the White House flies in and takes I-10 to the Convention Center NOT passing the real devastation.

The homeless live the devastation.

dillyberto said...

If somebody can do better than this...............

Check Emerald Bile

Ball Bag has a tear jerkin good one

Noreen's isn't bad entertainment either.