Sunday, January 22, 2006

Protest, Orleanian-Style

Pix from the demonstration about the Army Corps' work on levees in our area. (Purple arrows point to angry bloggers in distant shot.) I don't know the photographer dude, but his face sez it all.

Boy, these people look threatening. You wouldn't want to mess with bloggers (and mrs. bloggers) when they're angry. Or hungry.

The menu included grilled, locally produced Manda sausage and grilled locally harvested Theriot oysters. A new dish was created by Berto: grilled oysters topped with Gulden's mustard and sauerkraut. The dish was warmly recieved by the police officer tasting squad and rally attendees alike. Please note no beer was consumed by any officer or military personnel at the rally.

Please note: American flag-emblazoned folding chair was Berto's living room furniture while in Katrina exile in Hammond.

Thanks to RestorationAle-swilling Oystah for the link to the pix.


dillyberto said...

Did we really facilitate awareness?

Did priming up for Jake's game today in the Corps of Engineers backyard with the beautiful mist on the river draw some attention to the nearby devastation?

I think the answer is and will be just to come home, live here, and work here.

By being a New Orleanian living and working in New Orleans we will sculpt THE community we want.

We will make it WORLD CLASS!

Stanford said...

Keep checking; this was just the beginning. We also added an online forum for community discussion, so I bet you bloggers will enjoy that.

-Stanford Rosenthal