Thursday, January 12, 2006

Send in the Clowns

Thanks to John McCusker from the Times-Picayune, who took this great picture.

Pictured are four members of the City Council assembled to bash the plan for rebuilding New Orleans. These are the same folks who spent precious Council time on Monday unanimously voting to take a position on who should be interviewed for the Saints' coaching job. The city is in crisis, and these folks are voting on a sports team's coaching vacancy. Then they expect us to listen to them on serious issues.

I look forward to a brand new, World Class Council by summer. Then these people can go to Parasol's all day long to debate NFL vacancies. I just hope they clear out of there by nightfall, so I can go have a drink with Frankie.

1 comment:

humidhaney said...

these people are a damn waste. Rene gil Pratt is a dolt.