Thursday, January 19, 2006

That John Wayne Guy (Hijacked by Berto)

Once when our city was to have been taken from us totally,

when we were told the city could not be inhabited for more than 6 - 8 months,

when we were in exile,

We had a retreat. We had time to place value on the best of the city. From the Hubig's lemon pie at the Orleans Superette to the shredded corned beef poboy at Liuzza's By the Track, we had a vision in the desert. Each of us knew what the city was about....the kind of appreciation for others and what differences bring to the feast of a city in which we live.

JazzFest with only one food booth would be poorly attended.

Any snowball stand with but one flavor..............etc.

Let's get past the unimaginable remark of an overworked employee.

The beginning of Bull Durham...

Costner walks into the coach's office and proclaims himself as the player to be named later...

When the coach explains his job, he says "I quit." Walking out of the office, he reconsiders. Sticking his head back in the door he says, "When's our next game?"

Let's get through this and on with the rebuilding legislation and funding that must happen soon!



Marcus Tullius Cicero said...

Just as the Romans, could we elect Honore as dictator for the year?

ashley said...

So far, we've got Honore, Peggy Wilson, and Benny Grunch nominated. Hell...decisions, decisions. Like when I finally saw a big stack of Hubig's pies, and didn't know whether to get chocolate, lemon, or sweet potato.