Friday, January 13, 2006

What is the sound of Three Bands Jamming?

Wow. Three NOLA high schools with GREAT bands have been forced to band together in my neighborhood. Many of these kids lost homes; some lost relatives in attics.

St. Augustine and St. Mary's students are currently attending school on Xavier Prep's campus. The unified institution is called the MAX School. Xavier Prep's principal told me that a lot of these families are enduring the worst of post-Katrina New Orleans. This school is truly making the best of a terrible situation.

Yesterday they had a band practice on the street. It was a beautiful thing. Carnival was in the air, even if there is still too much pain and rubble in the streets.

Rode my bike over with my 2-year-old and snapped these. Too bad you can't hear what it sounded like.


Tim said...

how cool is that?

dillyberto said...

These photos make us realize what promise our city has for youth.

The "band" is not something dorks do in New Orleans.

It is our heritage.

XPprepper said...

As an alum of Xavier Prep, this makes me very happy.