Thursday, January 05, 2006

World Class Beef

Inspiring news from the Crescent City Steakhouse: when I drove by the restaurant on Broad a few days ago, I noticed a pile of discarded shingles in the parking lot and rubble on the sidewalk. (Several weeks ago I noticed a light on inside the place, despite the boards on the windows outside.) Clearly, something was going on.

Yesterday I called Tom Fitzmorris, Mr. Food on WSMB radio, who said that the Vojkovich family is definitely working on reopening. YES!

Apparently, part of the delay is that the Crescent City still had the original kitchen equipment installed in the place in the 1930s. As Mr. Fitzmorris pointed out, when you haven't looked at a kitchen equipment catalog since the 1930s, it might take awhile to figure out the lay of the land.

Today I snapped a picture of the beloved Crescent City. Please note the roofer hard at work and the debris cleared from the kitchen, lower left. This is what the early stages of World Class resurrection looks like:

To understand the excellence of the Vojkovichs' commitment, please consider their "neighbors," Ruth's Chris Steakhouse just a few blocks away.

In September, I called the newly relocated HQ of Ruth's Chris in Orlando. The chief executive told me that the Broad Street location "would not reopen." Of course, when he spoke to the Times-Picayune and local TV stations several weeks later (with the impending reopening of the Metairie store in sight), the same guy said that no decision had been made yet about the original location on Broad. ("No decision has been made": hmm, sounds a lot like that football franchise owner guy.)

Anyway, this is what Ruth's Chris looked like today:

Compare the first picture with this, which I took in early November:

I think it is clear that a decision has been made.

Please, anyone who reads this: eat your steak at quality establishments, World Class establishments--not cut-and-run establishments.

Also, please check The Third Battle of New Orleans, where Seymour D. Fair has several GREAT posts on the Ruth's Chris debacle, including pictures of the new HQ in Orlando.


Nelson Mandela said...

There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered.

Earl Warren said...

Everything I did in my life that was worthwhile I caught hell for.

Huey Long said...

Hard work is damn near as overrated as monogamy.

Mark Morial said...

Don’t stand on the side as thermometers, become thermostats.

dillyberto said...

Check this link out for old time politics in Louisiana after Hurricane Betsy:

Dan Richey said...

Thoughts about our own John Hainkel
He was one of the funniest politicians I’ve ever known. He had a unique, humorous way of describing other politicians. For instance, someone asked Hainkel if he knew a state representative who was short and whose first name he thought was Willy. From that day forward, Woody Jenkins was known as “Little Willy Jenkins.”

I asked him to compare the Blanco Administration with previous ones. He assured me that Raymond was the de facto governor and that the Legislative leadership team of Senate President Don Hines and House Speaker Joe Salter represented the Hollywood return of Abbott and Costello. What political insight!

John Hainkel would have had a field day reflecting on the latest predicaments of Raymond, Abbott and Costello. By now he would have dubbed the trio as Huey, Dewey and Louie.

Murph said...

Do you know if Charlie's Steakhouse is going to reopen? That's the best steakhouse in the world ... at least they won't have to reprint their menu when they reopen!

Ronnie Virgets said...

I want to go to Charlie's as soon as it opens. We must rediscover these great New Orleans places. LatinTeacher said he wants to see Liuzza's by the Track. Well, that's back, baby!

Follow my link for a fabulous tale about cuts.