Monday, January 23, 2006

World Class River Levees? (A Reprise About Uptown Getting Hosed)

Two days after I ate some oysters and sausage on the levee at the Carrollton measurement station, and two weeks after I asked the appropriate question, the Times-Picayune has chimed with an analysis of how the river levees performed.

Their answer is that the levees performed very well. My impression on an initial quick read of the article is that the sliver by the river, including my speck of the sliver, was never in danger.

There were threats, however: ten-foot waves, breakaway barges, and cracks in the concrete in the NOLA-area; compromised I-walls further downriver; south of Port Sulphur, total overtopping (but no breaches) and devastated communities.

The Times-Pic's pronouncement is that the city was well-protected from the River during Katrina. I feel somewhat reassured. I wish I felt completely reassured, but I keep thinking of the people on Gentilly "Ridge" who felt reassured for so many years.

Our determination to obtain confidence-inducing levees will endure.


Seymour D. Fair said...

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Tim said...

To paraphrase Gen. Patton, The Times-Picayune knows as much about hurricane protection as it does about fornicating! Here's why the river levees keep us safe and the hurricane protection levees didn't: the river levees are designed for the mother of all floods. The hurricane levees are designed for a mild Category 3 storm. You basically get what you pay for, and we got hosed. The Dutch design for a 1 in 10,000 year storm. We could do that, too, if Congress and the President would get with the program.