Sunday, February 19, 2006

Naked Vindication

Mr. Clio is feeling a little smug this weekend. You see, as I posted several weeks ago, the Times-Picayune has undergone a remarkable transformation since the storm. The same paper that last year gave front page treatment to a naked guy running around the Northshore now has become of beacon of hope and plain talk for our region and the nation.

This is apparent every day in its publication of great news, opinion, and community bulletin board pieces--and in its crusade to save our city from the neglect, incompetence, and corruption of Washington, D.C., Baton Rouge, and metro-area city halls.

The final proof came on Friday when another story about a Northshore naked guy appeared. (What is it with you folks on the Northshore and your need to streak?) Did this story appear on the front page of our major metropolitan newspaper, as the nearly identical story did just months ago?

Nope. This time: back page of the Metro section, where it belongs.

By the way, I've really enjoyed both stories. It's just that now the story has been put in its place, and I'm proud of my hometown paper.

NOTE: It can't really be true that this time the Naked Guy's name is Mr. Johnson, can it?


bayoustjohndavid said...

I know I tend to overboard on this, but before you praise the T/P too much look at the archives from around Sept. 7 (certainly from the Jackson Square speech) until the Bahamonde testimony exposed the federal incompetence. Other than an ati-Larry Craig editorial, there was no criticism of the feds (or even fact checking) the whole time the blame was shifting to the state and city. They didn't mention how misleading the flooded bus photos were til months after the fact, for instance. I really think they dropped the ball in Sept and oct. Could be that spending two weeks in a Republican fox watching house had me expecting too much from the rest of the media.

daneeta loretta said...

And on the lighter side of things, note that the naked man was a yankee, in fact, down from the North to do some construction work. No self respecting southern man would be caught dead running around naked except during carnival. I had to come to the defense of the North Shore having spent my high school years there. Oh, jeez. I really want to come home! It's cold here and I couldn't run around naked if I wanted to.

Mr. Clio said...

I think Northerners lose their minds in the fair climes of our gentle region. Not sure where last year's Naked Guy was from.

Keep working on that film, daneeta loretta. A frantic public awaits.

daneeta loretta said...

Speaking of which, got the final funding, so we are in the home stretch for finishing in July. I may be down your way sooner than you think to do some filming if, cross fingers, that grant comes through.