Monday, February 06, 2006

Thanks Houston Bumper Sticker

I'm posting this in case anyone wants to use it. There's been some debate on this point, but I believe that the people who sport these on their cars are genuinely thankful for how Houston and its mayor stepped up for our city.

As Ashley (he's walking on sunshine) has noted, the stickers seem only to be on late model SUVs (as in this picture, taken near my house). Not sure why. I have an attorney demographic theory, but someone please let me know if there's another reason.


Anonymous said...

If you evac'ed to Houston, you would have appreciated the widespread refugee discounts and the hospitality of the people there.

I left Houston before Rita, as my wife was overdue pregnant by that time, and we weren't taking chances when the storm was still aiming straight for Houston.

Of course, anyone driving an SUV already has problems, but showing thanks for what they received isn't one of them.

Mr. Clio said...

I have no doubt I would have appreciated those discounts, as I did for the same treatment I got in Baton Rouge.

My whole point in posting this is to show that Orleanians are thankful for Houston's past and continuing help. I'm worried about donor fatigue in Houston. Their kindness is not being forgotten.

Anonymous said...

Those people with the SUVs are the same ones with W - The President.

I hope they regret every minute of the last five years he's betrayed conservative values and abandoned them to die while fattening up his cronies.

Thanks Houston.
No Thanks, Bush.

Too bad, they can't see beyond their Republican brand-loyalty and realize they've been had. They'll still vote for whoever the next puppet is.

Schroeder said...

I'm not the only one who thinks the meaning is something altogether different. I may be too much the cynic, but my first reaction was to think the message is a racist one.

I'd like to think I'm wrong.

Anonymous said...

I think someone would have to be extremely naive to think that this sticker means anything except "Thanks, Houston, for taking our Blacks, no thanks, we don't want them back!"

It reminds me of another blue and white bumper sticker that I used to see in the early ninetees all over Metairie, Harrahan, and Chalmette.

Anonymous said...

Too bad, they can't see beyond their Republican brand-loyalty and realize they've been had.

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