Sunday, February 05, 2006

World Class Action: A Proposal

I think it's time. The Governor is rightfully threatening to deny future federal leases offshore until Louisiana gets its fair share of revenues. The problem is that doesn't really hurt anybody now (other than perhaps an indirect effect on prices, which people won't really ascribe to Louisiana's action).

Citizen blockades. I'm asking anybody who reads this (A) if it's time and (B) if we are willing to do this.

What do we blockade? Refineries. Line up cars around them so that nothing comes in and nothing goes out (until we get arrested, that is).

Let's start messing with fuel supplies in peaceful ways.

When the truckers in France get pissed off, they shut the place down with strikes and blockades.

I really think we can do this, and I really think it will cause a big stink and a big problem for President Oilman.

The question is, when?

Let me know what you think. Ash Wednesday seems like a fitting day to do the first one.


ashley said...

I dunno.

Don't forget, at the peaceful demonstration on the levee in front of the USACE office, some bloggers noted Army snipers on the USACE building.

These guys will shoot first and ask questions later.

dillyberto said...



Nabil said...

I say, march on the White House. Take everyone from New Orleans in a bus convoy to DC and literally surround that house with protesters. July anyone?