Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Easy Method of Voting for City Council: ABIEMO


Repeat after me: ABIEMO.

How is this pronounced? Uh-bai-mow.

What does ABIEMO mean?

"Anybody But the Incumbents, Except Maybe Oliver."

Every one of the idiots on the City Council needs to go. I am willing, however, to consider Oliver Thomas for an at-large seat.

Why? Here goes:

District A: Jay Batt. OUT. A big "not in my backyard" guy. Need I say more?

District B: Renee' Gill Pratt. OUT. Opposed the Mayor's Rebuilding Commission Plan BEFORE IT WAS EVEN ANNOUNCED. A big panderer. Has trouble putting two thoughts together. Currently my council member, but NOT FOR LONG.

District C: Jackie Clarkson. OUT. She's jumping to run for an at-large seat, which is great because now I can VOTE AGAINST HER WITH GLEE. Clarkson is a big NIMBY wench, PLUS she opposed the Mayor's Commission Plan BEFORE IT WAS EVEN ANNOUNCED. What a great combination.

District D: Cynthia Hedge-Morrell. OUT. Opposed the Mayor's Rebuilding Commission Plan BEFORE IT WAS EVEN ANNOUNCED. Unlike Pratt, she seems to be able to put thoughts together, and I actually have been impressed with her spirit. However, it's time for a clean slate.

District E: Cynthia Willard-Lewis. OUT. Opposed the Mayor's Rebuilding Commission Plan BEFORE IT WAS EVEN ANNOUNCED. If, before Katrina, a kid was floating a little homemade raft made out of a piece of two-by-four on Lake Pontchartrain, and the little 6 inch raft was washed out by the storm surge, Cynthia thinks the kid has a right to rebuild it on the Lake on the same spot using federal money. Not only that, before Katrina she was hosting the single worst television program in the history of human communications.

AT-LARGE: Jackie Clarkson. OUT AGAIN. It's so great to be able to dismiss her TWICE. I think Oliver Thomas deserves a look here, but I'm not committing yet. As a close associate of Dillyberto, I've also got to give Arnie Fielkow a good look. I think Oliver and Arnie could work well together.

So remember. ABIEMO. It's so easy. The result could be a City Council we can be proud of.


dillyberto said...

I heard that word in the Lionel Ritchie song "All Night Long"

Is his appearance at JazzFest a Mr. Clio political ploy?

How about that debate last night?
Ron Forman is paying Couhig to be his Luca Brazi and take Nagin and Mitch out of the race.

Think about it.

Couhig = crazy white man
Wilson = crazy white woman

Forman knows he can win as long as Watermeier keeps showing up without tag lines and prepared responses.

As for me, I still like Manny Chevrolet!

Manny Chevrolet said...

I didn't finish last previously.

Chuck said...

Rarely do blogs make laugh out loud. Thanks for the take on city council, I couldn't agree more. Oliver does seem genuine and intelligent. I will copy this post to my blog, hope that's ok.

trish said...

you are so right Clio!! couldn't agree more...except, i'm not an oliver thomas fan either...he's been around far too long. you should run...seriously.