Thursday, March 23, 2006

Iraqis Are Worthy; New Orleanians Are Not

According to a Nobel-winning economist and a colleague, the Iraq War and Occupation will tally $1 trillion by 2010. That's $1,000,000,000,000. Bush's people's early estimates were $60 billion. The obvious point is that they were a little off.

Please note, however, that Orleanians are forced to beg and haggle over less than $100 billion just to recover in a minimal sense. Another $100 billion would almost settle the wetlands issues. So $1 trillion will go to "solving" Iraq, no questions asked. We beg for less than $100 billion, and a good bit of that is rightfully ours given past insurance premium payments and Army Corps incompetence.

The President threatened to use his first veto over selling port operations to Dubai. I haven't heard him once threaten to use a veto in order to help us out.

Life is often simple. If you're not with us on stuff like this, you might as well be actively seeking to ruin a World Class city.

I can't get Ashley's Sinn Fein post out of my head lately.

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Marco said...

Life is good and simple. New Orleans is a jewel. I'm with ya'all all the way.