Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Mitch Said Katrina Revealed Who We Really Are

Not long after the manmade flood ruined things here, Lt. Governor Mitch Landrieu said that Katrina was a great revealer of truth and that it had stripped away all masks to show who people really are underneath. It revealed both angels and demons.

That speech has stuck with me. It rings true.

Further evidence comes here in a NY Times article about the Hornets taking their first (???) tour of devastated areas of the city. Hornets forward David West said:
"Your heart goes out to a lot of folks. You don't know where they get the courage to stay."
No, David West, YOU don't know where they get the courage to stay. We do.

(That last sentence sounds O'Reilly-esque. I'm frightened by what I become every now and again. Please indulge me this. I just need to unload on the Hornets. This footsy-stuff they're playing is getting old. I wish they'd just give us the &**$%# exit penalty money and leave. Then it would be obvious what they and their owner are about. We already know in New Orleans; I just don't want them to have the fig leaf [extra small] of respectability that covers what little they have in the gonad department.)

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