Saturday, March 11, 2006

New Orleans: World Class Playah

New Orleans is the man I'll never get over. But Chicago is the man I'm supposed to marry.

A friend of the Times-Picayune's Bruce Nolan said this. (Thanks to People Get Ready for the link.)

This image intrigues me. Most times, New Orleans is imagined as a lady.

I don't mind being the man somebody never gets over. But what happens when that guy really gets his act together and focuses?

We're gonna be devastating, people.


ashley said...

I was never the kind of person to settle. That's why I'm here.

You Know It, Baby said...

Chuck Norris let the dogs out.

All time Fav said...

Before sliced bread, people used to say "Thats the greatest thing since Chuck Norris". But Chuck Norris was displeased by this. So he roundhouse kicked a loaf of bread into slices.

Living Section said...

Who's tougher to handle today?

A pile of red ants you've accidently kicked over

Mary Mosca - angry with Johnny after the quote in the paper under her photo

Meteor the size of the moon hitting the Earth

Chuck Norris