Thursday, April 27, 2006

I Have a Confession to Make (well, two)

I voted early (that's not what I'm confessing). Anyway, on the way to get in line down at City Hall, I passed the City Hall Snack Bar. When I saw the box of neatly arranged Hubig's Pies on the counter, I stopped and got in line. No Sweet Potato, so I bought a Peach Pie and a Lipton's Iced Tea with Lemon.

Fueled by my snack, I moved easily through the line to vote and got to the moment of truth.

Confession One: I had put a Stacy Head sign in my yard. I had gone to a meet-the-candidate thing and was convinced that she is honest and had the best chance to beat Gill Pratt, which is extremely important to me. Even though I have great sympathy with the anti-Head sentiments of many of my fellow NOLA bloggers, I was probably going to vote for her. So Ashley, Humid Haney, et al: I had a Stacy Head sign in my yard (and still do).

Confession Two: Despite the presence of the Head sign in my yard, I liked the candidacies of Shane Landy and Marshall Truehill very much. And then there was Quentin Brown, the "lawcare" (sic) specialist--he of the "No More B.S."; on Nagin's Chocolate City comment "That was pitiful," etc. Anyway, maybe it was the Peach Pie, but a lot of my Katrina anger came out. I voted for Quentin Brown. There. I admit it.

Anyway, I'm glad I did. And now Mr. Brown has endorsed Stacy Head.


The Silver Surfer said...

Sure wish I could be at the Fair Grounds this weekend for the Jazz and Heritage Festival.

Was able to attend this fantastic event twice during the eighties when I lived in Gulfport, MS

Had tried to steer our military reunion towards New Orleans for next year but it didn't happen.

New Orleans is my favorite city and there is just not another place that can anyone can compare it to with all the flavor, food, atmosphere, French Quarter, Jaxs Brewery, Canal Street, etc., etc.

Wish the city and all the folks calling it home "a speedy and grand" recovery!

ashley said...

No need to confess, you voted with your heart, which is even better than voting with your head.

My problem with Ms. Head is that she doesn't realize she has developer interests above homeowner interests. As an advocate, she must frequently take the side of a party she would not normally agree with. So I think she can rationalize that she is doing community service, when the rest of us call it development.

Also, as a political neophyte, she's going to realize that all these big $ contributors are going to want something else in return on down the line...

And everything Ms. Head says about Ms. Gill Pratt is true.

Now, if we could just get Forman's war chest to run Quentin's next campaign...

Adrastos said...

Wow, you voted for that lunatic? Interesting. I take it that you've never actually met him. I have and that's why I didn't vote for him. He's ready for the rubber room, Mr Clio. Crazier than C Ray.

Quentin is either the ultimate protest vote or the gulitiest of guilty pleasures.

Mr. Clio said...

Protest vote.

I don't feel guilty for a second.

Lynn Dean in St. Bernard is crazy too, and I've met him. But you know what? He's done some good for that parish on the parish council.