Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Life's Too Short

Does anybody out there have experience running a 6.2 mile race in a large foam rubber getup?

I need to know if it's feasible on a day expected to be about 84 degrees.

I'm pretty sure it's quite doable. I'm in as good a running shape as I've been in a while.


dillyberto said...

Does the expo begin Thursday?

jeffrey said...

I've done it after one and a half bloody marys before.... remember.. you don't necessarily have to run the whole way.

Mr. Clio said...

But a running man in a large foam rubber getup is much funnier and more inspiring than a walking one . . .

Also, Berto, online registration ends today. Think I'll do it so my number is all set to go.

Lady Morwen said...

I used to cover the Bay-To-Breakers Race in San Francisco for the Examiner.

I've seen runners being a 747 plane with thirty-foot wingspans and twelve unit guys run that race with a facsimile of the bar from "Cheers".

You can make it, just pace yourself. (At least you don't have to deal with S.F.'s hills! LOL)

Hope to see you!