Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Midwestern Cartoonists Are Just So Darn Funny! Keen!

I'm pretty much unoffendable, and so I'm not posting this because I'm offended. I'm posting it to point out mediocrity and misinformation. (Link to Mister R.J. Matson, cartoonist for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.)

1. This is a cartoon by a professional. I expect professional humorists to be funnier and more creative than I am. Just about everybody in New Orleans and any other coastal area in the world has already thought of something like this. I remember thinking about this kind of thing when I was 13. This guy Matson gets paid to come up with THIS?

2. Humor is very source-dependent. This cartoon, if drawn by an 11-year-old New Orleanian, might be worth a grin.

From a Midwesterner, whose area's "self-reliant" farmers have been using federal subsidies on fertilizers that are killing my fellow Louisianans' livelihood, this isn't funny. (Thanks to Oyster for the link.)

Chris Rock can tell jokes about black people, and it's funny. David Duke can't. Woody Allen can tell Jewish jokes and be hilarious. Al-Qaeda members can't.

The Midwestern lifestyle is, simply put, a lethal threat to us. People who are lethal threats aren't funny.

Also, St. Louis is home to Tim Kusky, who wants us to surrender. Thanks, St. Louis!

3. St. Louis has put $2 billion worth of new construction on land that was inundated in the flood of 1993. And now they want to lecture us on whether and how to rebuild. Priceless.

Again, I'm not offended by this. It doesn't hurt my feelings. I'm just amazed that a hack gets to have his work published by a major metropolitan newspaper, and I'm bothered that misinformation (The Big Lie, as documented by Third Battle) gets reinforced so frequently.


bayoustjohndavid said...

Not that they'd publish it, but have you considered putting this in a letter to the edotior of the Post Dispatch?

Mr. Clio said...

I sent an email with a link to the blog. Figured that was more demonstrative than a letter that wouldn't get published. Thanks for the encouragement.

Suspect Device said...
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Suspect Device said...

OT: Mr. Clio: I had the opportunity to visit the Hubig's factory for the day job. I have pictures and some pie-porn in QT format. Send an email to greg@suspect-device.com and I'll hook you up, if you'd like.

Anonymous said...


I am sorry for what happened to New Orleans, but is railing on everyone in the mid-west going to help the New Orlean situation. Simply because the Post-Dispatch published something you don't like St. Louisans are now responsible for all of the fertilizer and petro-chemicals dumped into the Mississippi river valley. I guess the folks in New Orleans do not eat vegatables or wheat products. Tim Kuski works for a Catholic Jesuit university and is not from St. Louis nor does he represent anyone but himself. I am not justifying our river levies, but I don't think it a fair comparison in that the levies here do not protect residential neighborhoods. These rebuilding projects had as much to do with river traffic than protecting residential neighborhoods. If those levies were not fixed, we (because you know we are all farmers between Nevada and Ohio, everyone) would have had to truck our goods for shipment.

I understand your outrage and am all for expressing yourself in regard to the tragedy in New Orleans and the Country's less than honorable response. But, I don't think calling 2.5 million people a bunch of assholes because of one college professor and one cartoonist offended you is very helpful.

I do hope New Orleans is restored to the satisfaction of its former inhabitants and wish you luck as well. I don't have any Pie Porn though. Sorry.


Mr. Clio said...


I think you're mistaking the spirit of my comments.

I'm not "outraged." I didn't call anyone an a**hole. (I did call Mister Matson a hack.)

I appreciate very much your goodwill toward New Orleans. We are indeed working to make our city whole again.

I am troubled by the spirit of this cartoon, the comments of Dennis Hastert, and many other comments from Midwesterners. The vibe I get is, "Those peculiar, shortsighted, corrupted folks in New Orleans just don't know what they're doing. It's their problem. Why should I be interested? Why should my tax dollars go to work there? They should it themselves or move."

I don't get that vibe from you at all, but trust me: that attitude is rampant among others.

It misses out on the fact that we are reaping the tragedy caused by lifestyle choices elsewhere (as well as here.) Cheap gas made possible by the destruction of La. wetlands, the damming of levees all the way up the Mississippi and Missouri, fertilizer-induced dead zones in the Gulf, etc.

All that, plus the continuing lie that all of New Orleans is far below sea level.

My job is to speak the truth and point out when others don't.

Again, I detect a humane voice in your reply. Please help your countrymen to be as humane.

Mr. Clio said...

BTW, yes we've been know to eat wheat products and vegetables down here and are happy to do so. We don't begrudge anyone environmentally sensible levees, obviously. We are happy to be the port that makes possible the commercial value of American agricultural products.

I guess that's really my point: we're in this together. I'm deeply troubled by people who want to make New Orleans into "that part of the world," as President Bush calls us.

Mr. Clio said...


Changed the title in light of your helpful comments.

Seymour D. Fair said...

senor clio:

The MSNBC debate (which I watched here in Miami) showed the Bob Bennett clip in its opening--I think it was in its opening, maybe it was during Obermann. They insist on continuing to ramrod that myth. Your idiots in StL almost don't know any better regarding the sea level claim.


Maitri said...


This is what we ask of the rest of the nation and what I would have said to Chris Matthews on the nationally-televised debate. Please help spread the word.

a. We're Americans. That's why a cab driver in Detroit should care about the rebuilding of New Orleans and help with it. It's not about New Orleans vs. the rest of the world which is what it is beginning to feel like. Why do we have to constantly justify ourselves like we are pariahs?

b. New Orleans is all about a sense of humor. We laugh at ourselves ALL THE TIME. But, this cartoon is in bad taste when it comes from another part of the nation. Is this what they think of us? Would this cartoonist have created a similar one after 9/11 entitled More Realistic TSA Guidelines For Rebuilding In New York City. Just have some respect for all those who suffered, died and continue to suffer here. That's all I request for our fellow Americans.

Courtney said...

Keep fighting the Good Fight. There is So much bad information out here about New Orleans it is not funny. I am amazed at how swiftly the rest of the country appears to be to slice us off like we don't belong. Where's the patriotism in that?

Marco said...

Oh my God, the mind set of middle America. The house boat idea is so 2090. Those midwesterners are prophets amidst the ignorant mired in the present. But Miles Davis said that the hippest musicians he met were from Iowa so...

ashley said...

Man...re-reading it again, I just got the "Thanks, St. Louis". Bwaaahhhh ha ha ha ha.

Still don't get how a plate tectonics specialist can tell us about the state of our wetlands when he hasn't even been here.

And after following your link and going through the cartoonist's past work, I think he was trying to slam FEMA much more than us. Still...