Thursday, April 06, 2006

Quality of Median Steakhouse in New Orleans Set to Rise

With the announcement of the closure of Smith & Wollensky and the prospective reopenings of the Crescent City Steakhouse and Charlie's, the steakhouse future of New Orleans looks bright. Now that we have rid ourselves of mediocrities like Ruth's Chris and Smith & Wollensky, NOLA's beef lovers will be able to dine on sheer excellence, undistracted by corporate interlopers interested not in quality but in uniformity.

As Ashley says, Sinn Fein, baby. Sinn Fein.

Don't forget: ABIEMO.

I'll bet our new City Council won't miss stinking, cowardly Ruth's Chris for a second. They're probably Crescent City Steakhouse people. (It'll be great to walk in there and see Arnie Fielkow dining with Quentin Brown.)


Anonymous said...

Every time I hear Charlie’s and Crescent City Steaks, I rant ;)

[rant on]
I think Charlie's must have some psychotropic marinade that kicks in during reviews. Their bland steaks remind me of my mama's cooking where plates were a rarity—we were lucky if we weren't served meals on sheets of tin foil.

Crescent City Steaks is about the same, but more gristle.

Smith & Wollensky honed their craft and serve a quality slab of beef, not the best in the country, but their steaks are up there.

Ruth's Chris is a chain beyond it's time. Their average grade, tenderized & buttered steaks go a glob too far. True steak flavors are masked with their processing. We don't miss your chain, enjoy Florida!

Sure we can do worse than Charlies and Crescent City, but I can't help but compare them to joints I have eaten in outside of Orleans Parish, like Charley's in Orlando, Dickie Brennan's, Chicago Chop House, Alfred's in S.F., and Peter Luger in Brooklyn.
[rant off]

PS: What is the current status of The Knife steak house?

Mr. Clio said...

I'm not the biggest steak guy in the world, but I do really enjoy a good slab o' cow occasionally. I genuinely enjoy the Crescent City experience--the service, atmosphere, etc., and I really do like the steaks there. Charlie's is enjoyable in a different way, obviously.

I'm just very down on chains, especially given the way many of them have failed to function in NOLA over the past several months. I've learned a lot about rootlesness and the hidden high costs of supposedly efficient delivery systems. The chains aren't around when the chips are down.

The Crescent City is getting all new kitchen equipment. I hope this will combine with the same old, GREAT feel that the place has always had.

I enjoyed reading your rant. Feel free to do so anytime.

Mr. Clio

Mr. Clio said...

BTW, haven't been to Dickie Brennan's, but I'm eager to go. I've also heard great things about the Chicago Chop House. I'll be in Chicago in May, so I'll have to try.

oyster said...

It's still Lent you faithless savages!

Mr. Clio said...

Hey, is every day Friday????

Besides, I gave up drinking, not steak.

Anonymous said...

when is charlies reopening?