Sunday, April 30, 2006

Too Good

A detail from the Reggie Bush/Saints story that should not be missed. When the news came down that the Houston Texans had signed Mario Williams, leaving Bush to the Saints, Coach Sean Payton was eating at Emeril's. It was there that he decided that taking Reggie Bush was going to be the right move for the Saints:

The coach said his mind was made up "somewhere in between the minestrone soup and the red fish."

Great decisions go with great meals. If this detail of the story were in a novel set in New Orleans, it would be dismissed as too outlandish.

So let's review what the Saints have done over the past couple of months:

1. They went out and got Drew Brees, the best available experienced QB in the National Football League.

2. They went out and got Reggie Bush, whom many scouts have rated as one of the top five athletes they ever rated, going back 25 years. Bush ranks with the likes of John Elway and Bruce

Our New Orleans Saints are clearly being forward-looking people of vision.

Meanwhile, congratulations to Kenner residents for kicking out an incumbent as mayor and enthusiastically selecting Mr. Muniz, a Kenner man with a clear love of New Orleans and a history in Mid-City and with the Fair Grounds.

Last, here's a promising picture of the Sacredome's status from the New York Times via Alex Brandon of the A.P., who is my neighbor and who took a nice picture of Lee de Fleur at the CCC. (Article is linked in the picture.)

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dillyberto said...

When asked Friday night late what would Buddy D say about the Saints getting Bush, Deke said Buddy would wonder how the Saints could screw this one up.

I reluctantly agree he would say that.

I don't see how they could.

I am sure Buddy doesn't either, yet.