Wednesday, April 12, 2006

World Class Mayor: Virginia Boulet

Mr. Clio's matrix on rating candidates. I want to repeat that I am very happy with the slate of candidates we have. I think we have great choices, and I would essentially be pretty happy with any of four or five candidates. Here's how I've decided whom I'm going to vote for. (I'm trying to put numbers on thoughts, instincts, etc. That's not easy.)

I'm inspired by the bumper sticker, "If You're Not Completely Appalled, You're Not Paying Attention." I think our next mayor has to begin from the fundamental stance that New Orleans has been treated very badly; he/she needs to reflect that we are all appalled. That criterion is worth a possible score of 14, as is the ability to get things done. The other two criteria are riffs on themes suggested by Ashley. The next mayor has to have a clue, and he/she has to have supporters whom I feel at least moderately comfortable with, by and large. (e.g. They probably don't have a "Thanks Houston" bumper sticker on their cars.)

All that said, the fuzzy table below (can somebody help me do this table right? An export from Excel looks really bad) indicates my ratings.

Thus, there is now a Virginia Boulet sign in my front yard. I went to a Boulet event tonight at some friends' house, and I left even more convinced that she's the person for the job.


Adrastos said...

I like Boulet too but I'm voting for Mitch. I think we need someone with experience BUT VB would make an excellent CAO. She's made a real contribution to the campaign: straight up.

Big__Shot said...

I like the matrix, but how do Boutlet supporters address those who would say they are throwing their votes away? For example, they might point out that in 2000 a lot of folks voted for Nader because Nader was better than Gore and because the difference between Gore and Bush was so little that it was time to send a message. But in hindsight, the election was so close that votes for Nader that would have gone for Gore would have easily swayed the election. Certainly, the difference between Gore and Bush was much greater than Nader believed.

ashley said...

Well, I decided today. I'm voting for Mitch, for many of the above reasons. I think that Watson would do a much better job than many believe, and so would Couhig for that matter, but Forman just scares the crap outta me.

Lady Morwen said...

Mr Clio,

Good on ya's for coming to the Boulet side!

I've been pushing her to others since she got her website up and running. Love the concepts she proposes, especially those relating to the energy park, health care, and the many ways we can have the private sector becoming more of an investor in our city's future.

This is a hard call for me. don't want Forman, Nagin, or Cohig... Mitch has connections, but we need new blood and brains in City Hall. Boulet has both.


Mr. Clio said...

Watson lost me bigtime on two points:
1. He said he would have evacuated everyone on Friday night. Yeah, right.

2. He said to solve revenue shortfalls, he would open a gift shop in City Hall. It would have to be one hell of a gift shop.

Lady Morwen said...

Watson would open a Gift Shop at City Hall to help with revenue shortfalls?

Sweet zombie jesuz! Like tourists would actually want to visit the uglyist municipal structure in America? (well, maybe they would... folks are strange.) Besides, the CBD and the Quarter are nothing but a giant gift shop!

We need new blood in New Orleans' politics.

Boulet for Mayor!

ashley said...

Gift shop? Oy vey. So much for the "clue about priorities" factor.

Now, you have Couhig ranked above Nagin in a plural race. Did that surprise you? You think you'd vote for him over C. Ray in a runoff (and obviously, this is purely hypothetical).

humidhaney said...

Boutlet should be on Mitch's staff.

Also, I heard a rumor she has ties to some oil cats in Houston. But that is a rumor.