Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Calling All Tools (Tool Lenders, That Is)

Seriously, this is a post asking for help.

Two friends are coming to NOLA from San Francisco late this weekend, leading 8 high school students on a 10-day work trip. They are coming to work on houses and give people any help they need. This is a well-coordinated trip, funded by people in San Francisco and hosted by a local organization in NOLA.

My friend, let's call her AngelFanKatie, said they were going to buy the tools they need when they get here. I told her that I thought it wouldn't be too hard to get tool sets loaned to her team. Given all of the volunteer groups who are coming here to help, it would make sense for somebody (maybe a local nonprofit) to have loaner tools available, right?

So here's my call for help: Does anyone know of any chances to get loaner tools for these kids?

Here's their list of needs:

First, they will need 10 sets that include the following:
• Tool belt or nail apron
• Work gloves
• Safety glasses
• 16-20 oz. Hammer
• 25 - 30 ft. Tape Measure
• Speed Square
• Catspaw or other nail puller
• Carpenter's pencil
• Utility Knife (retractable blade)

In addition, the two adults will each need:
• Sheet metal snips (yellow handle ones cut either hand; bring two-four
• Chalk box and chalk (at least two)
• Screwdrivers (straight blade and cross-head or Phillips)
• Handsaws (crosscut, box and keyhole are recommended)

Please forward this around. If there's nothing out there, maybe I've found something to organize for this and future groups. We'd call it the World Class Toolshed.

Since the group was planning to buy tools, I'm sure they would have no problem replacing anything that gets damaged in the work they do.

Thanks to readers of World Class New Orleans for considering this request.

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oyster said...

I got tools, where can I drop'em off?