Saturday, May 27, 2006

A Different Kind of Drive-By

For several months now, as I've brought my son to school in the morning, I've driven past 3008 Banks Street. Not that I've noticed which house is at 3008 Banks Street.

Now I found out that I've been driving past the location of a deceased and missing Katrina/levee failure victim. A dead body has been in that house for months, as I've driven by thinking about what I had to get done on any given day, looking for signs of hope--at 40 miles per hour--in a devastated neighborhood.

Enough is enough. We have a lot of able-bodied, caring people back in the city.

Is it time to organize a gruesome version of the Katrina Krewe? A group of people (I'll join, reluctantly, if I can wear serious equipment) to search every freaking abandoned house in the city, to make sure we find all the folks who drowned or starved or dehydrated to death?


ashley said...

Sign me up. This is fucking ridiculous. Isn't this supposed to be America? Fuck me.

4feet of water said...

people in this City even seem to be numb to the fact taht we live with a mounting DEATH TOLL..

Ray in New Orleans said...

Why don't we contact this Texas group that has the missing person's addressed (Victim's Relief, is that what they're called?) and tell them we'll do all the houses on their list? I think I read the other day they've got 48 names with addresses to track down. I don't know why a few teams can't cover that in a few days, assuming the houses themselves are structurally sound.

I got some intro SAR training last year, so I know a little bit, but I won't be in town til July.

ashley said...

The article said "The list was prepared by the Louisiana Family Assistance Center in Baton Rouge."

Next week, I'm going to get in touch with them.

slate said...

I'll join you as well. Please put me on any list you compile for volunteers. I saw the article too and was going to write about it today, but was so outraged I couldn't. (Bless Ashley's heart, he wrote my outrage for me.)

Count me in.

Ray in New Orleans said...

Looks like the body last week up near SUNO was found by a different organization with a different list:

" A Texas company that collects addresses from loved ones and friends of people missing since Katrina checked the house about 2:30 p.m. and found the body, at least partially clothed, draped face down over the rim of the bathtub at 6304 Campus Blvd., New Orleans police said.

The specific cause of death wasn't known, but police made a preliminary classification of the death as Katrina-related, they said.

The company, Victim Relief, sends two-person teams to check houses on their missing persons list. Two chaplains from the company, which is based in Richardson, Texas, but has a trailer on North Claiborne and Caffin avenues in the Lower 9th Ward, found the body. The body was removed by the coroner's office."

They got a trailer at Fats's house?

Mr. Clio said...

I'm trying to call the Texas group and the NOFD and the state now. I'll get in touch with you all if I have any luck.

oyster said...

Let us know what you find.