Monday, May 29, 2006

A Great Way to Spend 38 Minutes Or So

Thanks to 2millionth for this fantastic link. NPR's Talk of the Nation spent more than half and hour with Robert Bea, Ivor Van Heerden, and David Daniel, perhaps the three leading scientific/engineering experts on what happened with Katrina and the levee failure. You can listen to streaming audio at the link.

As 2millionth says, getting flood protection right in south Louisiana "isn't a matter of charity to 'prop up a dying city.' It's a committment that a country makes to its citizens."

In other words, it's a commitment we make to ourselves and one another. As I've said before, what the world saw happen to us is coming soon to a theater near you, thanks to the whims of nature (goaded on by our climate-tampering ways) AND by the cheap, uncoordinated approach to flood protection in this country.

Don't believe me. Check that link and listen to the guys who spend their lives studying this. (By the way, do any of these fellows sound like crazy idealists? Nope, they sound like hard-core realists, and they ALL make the case that flood protection for south Louisiana is necessary and possible.)

Who are the real patriots? The scientists/engineers who want our country to be second to none on this issue? Or the "leadership" who oversaw the mere restoration of the levees to where they were before? You know, those "leaders" who are trying to make it all better with words instead of dollars and smarts and passion.

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