Friday, May 19, 2006

NFL People Support Us

Sports Illustrated's Peter King has something up his sleeve (in this week's column):
I've got some plans in the works for how you can do your part to help New Orleans and the Gulf Coast of Mississippi. Stay tuned. Might be

New Orleans has a good vibe with the NFL right now.

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mchebert said...

Mr. Clio:
I have an idea of my own about how to help New Orleans. On August 27, I am going to start a daily journal about what happened last year. I intend to blog it as if it were happening right now, in my own words as I experienced it. I will do this every day from Aug 27 until at least the next Friday, the day the Army moved in.

Think if it as a virtual re-enactment. I think if enough bloggers in NOLA and on the Gulf Coast pitched in, each doing the same thing on their own blogs for one week, we could generate a lot of web attention and remind people how terrible Katrina really was. People are forgetting.

What do you think?