Sunday, May 14, 2006

Reggie Bush Field

Saints running back Reggie Bush is donating the money needed to re-sod Tad Gormley Stadium.

I am so ready for the Saints' season to start.

In a related note, Mr. Dennis Couvillion of Metairie points out in a letter to the T-P that #5 is essential to Bush's uniform, as that number has life-altering signficance for us in New Orleans:

The National Football League should grant an exemption to allow Saints running back Reggie Bush to wear his college jersey number, No. 5. Every time he steps on the field his number could serve as a reminder to the nation of our need for Category 5 hurricane levee protection.


ashley said...

Occasionally, I can't see the trees, 'cause that damned forest is in the way.

No such problem for Mr. Dennis Couvillion.

Brilliant observation!

humidhaney said...

I have a huge surprise for you.

Dirty Coast has a Reggie Bush t-shirt in the works and bumper sticker. I will send you the link when it is up later this week.

Ya gonna like it.

jeffrey said...

Reggie "Cat 5" Bush.