Saturday, May 20, 2006

Texas Residents Busted in Largest Ever St. Tammany Drug Arrest

Some Texans were arrested this week in Slidell and Houston in the largest drug arrest ever made in St. Tammany Parish. What can we do to stem the tide of drugs from Texas into the New Orleans area?

Here's the story:
Federal agents are calling it the largest drug bust in St. Tammany Parish history, and Katrina evacuees living in Texas [sic] were behind it. Agents said more than $5 million in cocaine, Ecstasy and marijuana were seized at a home on Heather Lane in Slidell following a lengthy investigation.

Agents said New Orleans evacuees [sic] set up a drug pipeline from Houston to Slidell and they were watching Friday night as the $5 million drug shipment was delivered.

"The drug dealers are plying their trade and trying to profit off the misery of individual abusers. They are staying in the comfort of Houston, where there's electricity and not flooded-out homes and they're traveling back and forth to New Orleans, as in this particular case, and they're selling their misery here," said William Renton of the Drug Enforcement Agency. Nine people have been arrested so far, six in New Orleans and three in Houston. A federal grand jury will hear evidence in the case soon and indictments are expected.

Unfortunately, the headline from WDSU was "DEA Arrests Katrina Evacuees In $5M Drug Bust." That is completely misleading and feeds into old ways of thinking.

Let's tell it like it is. Those folks have left New Orleans in order to enjoy what they see as a better life in Houston. They're Texans now, and those Texans are trying to make money off the troubles of our fellow Louisianians.

Why is it the engineers and lawyers who have left New Orleans are called "Houstonians," but the drug dealers who have left are called "Katrina evacuees"?

They're ALL HOUSTONIANS. Let's get it straight.

Throw the book at the Texans.


ashley said...

Damned texans.

Thanks, Houston!

Anonymous said...

Q: Do you know what the problem with Texas is?

A: "Texans"

Polimom said...

Why is it the engineers and lawyers who have left New Orleans are called "Houstonians," but the drug dealers who have left are called "Katrina evacuees"?

Can't help but take your question seriously, given where I'm living. (sigh....)

imho - That question has a two-part answer.

1. Many of the engineers and lawyers - and teachers and clerks and cab drivers (etc) - now call themselves Houstonians. I don't know how much of that is self-defense (it's a pretty hostile climate, sadly), and how much is a true embrace of Houston....
Conversely, folks who talk about returning, or right of return, or of being an evacuee, are still seen as evacuees and not "locals".

2. Nobody wants to claim the criminal element. It's pretty much a hot potato.

I'm glad, though, that they made the bust. That pipeline is more like a wide-open gusher down the middle of I-10.

humidhaney said...

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- humidhaney

Mr. Clio said...

Polimom, thanks for your kind, levelheaded comments. I'm exaggerating and distorting here to make a point, and I appreciate your finding the truth amidst my blather.