Thursday, May 11, 2006

Wait. This Can't Be Real.

A guy got arrested for cleaning up the streets of the Ninth Ward.

Yep. That's right. Here's the story:

The Louisiana State Police insurance fraud unit picked up Charles Jacob, 48, on a warrant from St. James Parish for seven counts each of conspiracy to commit theft and possession of stolen property, Sgt. Ricky Guhman said. Jacob, owner of Jake's Auto Crushing in Avondale, is accused of taking his portable car compactor to a Convent auto shop owned by Carey Watis. There he crushed vehicles that Watis had towed off the streets of New Orleans, and the two men then sold the scrap to salvage yards, receiving about $150 per vehicle, Guhman said. Watis, 42, of Convent, was booked April 10 with felony theft after a tipster alerted authorities that he was towing vehicles from New Orleans without the consent of owners or insurance companies. Guhman said investigators found 47 stolen vehicles on Watis' property.
So let's get this straight: Everybody's yelling at the state and city governments to come and tow away flooded cars. Here comes an enterprising guy doing it to make a little cash, and he gets arrested because he's towing cars "without the consent of owners or insurance companies."

Um, shouldn't the owners or insurance companies have taken care of this MONTHS AGO? If they haven't taken care of the flooded cars by now, they have lost any claim on anything. Git 'er done. Let anyone who wants the things get them out of here as fast as possible.

We'll bill the owners or insurance companies the next time they need something from the government, like a driver's license or a rate increase from the state insurance commission.

NOTE: The Times-Picayune really is reverting to its old stupid self. Note how they repeat the state's canned language of calling Mr. Jacob's actions a "scheme." That's not a scheme. It's a plan, a vision of better things for himself and our fair city.

MORE CRUCIAL NOTE: Mrs. Dr. Clio has "gently" reminded me that she pointed out to me the story that followed the original April 10 arrest. At that time, Mrs. Dr. Clio said (as I do here, in a subconscious act of plagiarism) that the guy should've been hired, not arrested. I deeply regret not giving Mrs. Dr. Clio a hat-tip. Believe me. I regret it.


ashley said...

Dammit, I say he gets somebody from the ACLU or something similar to represent him pro bono. The friggin' insurance companies should be sued, and the funds used to pay for his defense.

Like all that crap stuck underneath the overpasses are "stolen vehicles".

Git 'er done, indeed.

Anonymous said...

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Polimom said...

One really does have to wonder at the seeming Catch-22 of it all. "Get it cleaned up" vs. "Dang it! Somebody cleaned it up!"

Just a bit schizophrenic, on the face of things.

And Polimom's DH (Dear Husband) and Mrs. Dr. Clio have some things in common. I'm afraid I've been guilty of plagiarizing his feedback once or twice. I think there's a special place in blogger heaven reserved for them someday for all they contribute.

Anonymous said...

My plan was to encourage the theft by turning a blind eye AND THEN arresting them after all the cars were stolen. Rake in the revenue from fines, and the cars are all gone.

Sounds like somebody jumped the shark.