Monday, May 15, 2006

Would somebody fix the thermostat?

Look, something's wrong. For the second straight week in May, I wake up in New Orleans to no humidity, blue skies, and morning temps in the lower 60s.

This happened last year too.

Now New England is getting deluged again.

I know weather trends are notoriously hard to figure out, but my gut tells me this ain't right.

The L.A.-style weather in La. is nice, but something's wrong. We should be sweating it out right now, losing the 8 pounds we gained in beer and crawfish bread last weekend.

Sure wish the President seemed interested in climate change and the effect on coastal areas.

The picture below is not from St. Claude Avenue. It's from Peabody, Mass. My sympathetic prayers go out to our fellow citizens. We're wit' ya, Red Sox Nation.


Big__Shot said...

The Globe put "deluge" on the front page today. I couldn't help but wonder if the copy writers had Brinkley's book on their desks.

As much rain as we've had these last few days, I've still seen more rain fall in a summer afternoon thundershower in Louisiana. Still, pray for Peabody. Their basements can't handle this mess.

Schroeder said...

Will the right wingnuts start criticizing them for choosing to live in a flood zone and not buying flood insurance?