Thursday, June 01, 2006

3rd Battle Props to WRNO

Third Battle has posted a really cool link: aircheck samples from New Orleans radio stations in the 60s and 70s. The snippets of ads are a kick (e.g. hearing about the clubhouse at Jefferson Downs or Carole King's "new" album).

As of today, WRNO is no longer da Rock of New Orleans. They're going to talk (and conservative talk, at that). No more Black Sabbath in the middle of the FM dial.

Third Battle's post strikes just the right tone. Losing WRNO is not a big cultural loss, but it was something reliable and familiar, like that Time Saver on the corner not far from your house.


Nabil said...

No, losing WRNO IS a massive cultural loss! And to be replaced by conservative talk radio? What a fing tragedy! Where else had the world stopped in 1985, never to evolve further? Where else could you hear "Who's Behind the Door?" every night at 3:30 AM? This is just awful news, and makes a return to NOLA that much less pleasurable a thought.

Covingtongirl said...

Mr. Clio,
Do you have any idea what became of Captin Humble?

Seymour D. Fair said...

How about "Bears" at 3:30am????

TravelingMermaid said...

Apparently something changed since I listened to the Rod Ryan show yesterday and today.
I agree that losing RNO would be a loss to the is a NOLA icon - we all need our classic rock fix now and then. And RR is the ONLY decent morning show in NOLA.