Wednesday, June 28, 2006

As John Ashcroft Would Sing . . .

"LET THE EAGLES SOAR . . . . . . . .."

The Eastern Seaboard is flooding; we're in a drought, on our way to an uncertain (at best) hurricane season.

Hey, D.C.? Do you get it yet? You're flooding. We've got bald eagles buzzing around.

(And when I say "D.C.," I say it with total empathy for those directly affected. I'm talking to Dubya, Hastert, and the undoubted product of incest from the Great White North who compared corruption in Louisiana to corruption in Iraq.)


oyster said...

"Undoubted product of incest"... tee hee!

I thought it was a little mean until I clicked on his web page. That's the best photo they could find? Gracious.

Too many tater tots, I suppose.

LatinTeacher said...

I don't know why people would chose to live in an area prone to such flooding. Can't they find a better place to live and raise children and such? Oh yeah. How'd their levees make out?

Post from another flooded area: This is the third time in less than two years that the Delaware has flooded, each time worse than the last. I wonder if this is a manmade phenomenon (i.e., housing, streets, and storm drains taking the place of fields and woods and creating much more runoff than the past 50 years) or if this is just from nature and it's just that we had a nice 50 year run...

BTW, great posts lately. I look forward to reading more...

Tim said...

Hey, by the way, did you see your letter printed in ENR and on their web site?