Sunday, June 18, 2006

Hmm . . . This Sounds Familiar

More evidence that New Orleans is a Latin/Mediterranean city-state:
"Brazilians, to generalize awfully, are emotionally bipolar," Mr. [Alex] Bellos,
who divides his time between England and Brazil, said in an interview.
"Everything is either the best in the world or the worst in the world. They have a superiority complex in terms of football, yet the flipside is a developing nation's crushing insecurity complex. When they win they forget their problems. They are the happy, party-loving. When they lose it reinforces a sense that they are useless and predestined towards failure — not just in football but in everything."

If you replace the word "football" with "food" or "culture," this becomes New Orleans.

Maybe we (e.g. I) need to be a little more even-keeled.

I think Mr. Melpomene would agree.


LatinTeacher said...

Or the Saints or Tulane or LSU or Mardi Gras or JazzFest or the SuperBowl. Of course, you would replace "win" with "throw a party." Is this a Latin-American/Caribbean phenomenon? Does it go back the culture of Boom or Bust Economy? Or is this the result?

Mr. Melpomene said...

Had to put down my Po-Boy and Barq's to say, "ditto."