Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Meaning is Marketing.

Posts in this blog have been critical about the political 'spin cycle' nature of the situations and responses as the global media maintains far greater focus upon the post-K city.

However, beyond the political/pr cycle, there is another component to engineering perceptions. Recent research on that has turned up a must see: Seth Grodin's video from the Googleplex is an interesting piece, which discusses how the key to marketing in terra-google is to have a compelling story to tell and then to have your customers give meaning to that story and to pass along your message.

Isn't that what brings people to New Orleans? It is a place infused with stories, meanings, and context.


Mr. Clio said...

Great stuff, Mr. Mel. I do think we have a great story, one that can get even better rapidly.

Lately, I've been intrigued at how "old" the "leadership" (economic, social and political) in the city looks, and how young (20 something)the real action in the city is. Grodin talks about the "customers" coming to you first, and some of that is happening. If we get enough young buzz happening, we might get somewhere.

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