Friday, June 09, 2006

Postcards from the Edge

The Post Office is very excited to tell me that as of June 1, I could start getting magazines and catalogues again. For those of you keeping score at home, that's over 9 months since the storm, and I live in a fairly well-functioning part of the city. Please note: the mail police are not even any good at enforcing their own rules, as I've been getting Esquire for the last two issues. I have not received a New Yorker, however, since August 2005. A few of my friends have been able to sneak their New Yorkers through, and the New Yorker subscription people claim that I should be getting one soon.

In other news, check out this postcard:

Senator David Vitter is hosting a Hurricane Preparedness Forum on Monday, June 19, at 7:00 p.m.

I find this strange. I mean, if I were a senator, I would certainly host such a forum, because I believe that for south Louisianians, that (e.g. bare survival) is the most important issue facing us (Maslow's hierarchy of needs and all that).

But as Oyster and T. and Sympathy point out, Senator Vitter believes that levees and evacuations and wetlands do not have sole claim on the top spot as the defining issue of our time.

Since there is no issue more important than stopping gay people from entering into binding legal covenants, I think Senator Vitter should have a forum on that.

Instead, he Cavalierly (heh heh) dismisses that key issue by saying, "I really look forward to hearing your views on these and other key issues for Louisiana families."

Maybe we should show up for his Hurricane Forum and make him change the subject. Let's make him spend two hours talking about how gay marriage is a threat to my 18-year long heterosexual marriage, since there's nothing more important than that for the future of my children.

Forget about Corps accountability, wetlands restoration, clean streets.

Let's talk. Let's see how people feel about that.


T. said...

The temptation's definitely there. I'm going to try and clear my Monday and make an appearance.

Anonymous said...

Please, ask him how he can waste his and our time on such frivolous issues now that wedding season has started and two guys in Cambridge are holding hands. Perhaps he should resign so that he can devote himself full time to ending this pox on society without the distractions of these other petty issues.

mchebert said...

What kills me about the Gay Marriage Amendment is that marriage is, let me see, at least 5000 years old, and the Republican party thinks it needs saving. How do they propose saving a 5 to 10 millenia old institution with a law?

Funny how New Orleans is under no serious threat from hurricanes, but marriage is on its last legs.

daneeta loretta said...

Also note that Senator V. voted to allow oil drilling in the Alaskan Wildlife Reserve. This man is not interested in the environment whether it's Louisiana's or any other State. Time for the people in the government to wake up lest we do irreparable damage.