Monday, June 26, 2006


A hotel owner in Sugar Land, Tex., has been charged with submitting $232,000 in bills for phantom victims.

The New York Times story in the link above has just too many interesting, laughable, wrist-slitting, ridiculous details to be believed.

1. Prison inmates "across the Gulf Coast" (e.g. many of them not in Louisiana) collected over $10 million in rental assistance.

2. Please read this comment: "We did, in fact, put into place never-before-used and untested processes," Donna M. Dannels, acting deputy director of recovery at FEMA, told a House panel this month. (By "never-before-used," I think she's trying to imply that this was some bold, experimental process that they had been planning for and cooking up in the lab for years. However, all of us know that this really means something more like "We made it up as we went along.") I take all of this as proof of Mr. Clio's Theory of Easy FEMA Money, which is mine. Which belongs to me. "Never-before-used" means "Send everybody a check so they shut up."

3. The Times runs this picture with the story:

Those are the infamous, never-delivered trailers that FEMA has stored in Arkansas. Here's the best part: they're in Hope, Arkansas. You know, hometown (or so) of Bill Clinton. Do they think that somehow they can blame Bill for the problem by parking them in his (former) backyard?

4. A Louisiana Department of Labor official accused of post-Katrina fraud is named Wayne P. Lawless.

5. Geographic diversity is a prominent feature of post-Katrina fraud. In other words, Louisianans clearly don't have a monopoly on corruption. We know that. Public officials from other states haven't figured that out yet.

6. Please note that in the title of this post, I reproduce the incorrect punctuation of the famous/infamous bumper stickers. Other bloggers, like Ashley the Inimitable, try to do the bumper sticker ignorami a favor by inserting the comma (Thanks, Houston!) Ashley, quit helping those people out. Quote their ignorance in all its SUV-driving glory.

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