Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Time Warp

This was the lead paragraph in a front-page T-P story today:
Offering a sneak preview of his second-term administration, New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin said Monday that he plans to reorganize local government to better respond to the city's post-Katrina needs.
Nagin was sworn in almost a month ago. By definition, we are past time for a "preview." This is his second-term administration NOW. The time for previews was in May. The time for work and action is NOW.

The familiar pattern continues. Nagin says he "plans" to reorganize local government. Again, the deadline for planning was May. He's late again.

The T-P adds this line after the previously cited one:
Nagin did not provide concrete details during a meeting at The Times-Picayune.
Is anybody surprised?

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Schroeder said...

I was astonished by the same article.

The man's been reinventing New Orleans government since he was re-elected in 2002. Can we wait any longer for the project to be completed?