Tuesday, June 20, 2006

World Class Public Relations Efforts

On the heels of a week of pious lectures from right wing talk radio and the pecunious US Congress about how some of the FEMA disaster aid was mis-spent and in addition to the weekend's criminal bloodbath, nicely in the global headlines, another negative story picked up around the world in the past 24 hours.

Also, The New York Times on Sunday noted that with some 10 Billion dollars en route, there was far to little or no long term planning going on.

This story so nicely fit into the 'the locals are a bunch of idiots' genre of reporting, you can expect it will only further reinforce negative perceptions of us, leaving those so inclined comfortable in their pre-conceived beliefs that it is a place full of corrupt big city black politicians and bumbling white good ol'boy types. Thank God we have Bill Jefferson and Walter Maestri as role models to dispel those myths.

Why – after months of misleading articles and missed opportunities – has somebody not put together an effective clearinghouse for media responses about what is going on?

With $10 Billion dollars of funding floating around that -- correctly or not- is going to be second guessed forever, shouldn't efforts to project an image of confidence, competence and coordination be paramount. This isn't just about our selfish vanity, but might help our struggling tourism industry off its knees.

Where are those soon to be unemployed Loyola University 'communications' experts? Where is the YLC? Is Anne Milling the only New Orleanian who would like to see our town portrayed as a place with some degree of class, competence and dignity?

Come on, Rise Up!

6/22 update, of sorts. To put in perspective how far we've come, review this article as a gentle reminder that -- at one point -- there was cynical talk of our total demise.


Lady Morwen said...

We have to be the spokepersons, the ones that can tell the world the truth about what is going on here in N.O.

Our prob is the City Gov'ment and the rest of the State trying to take what was given to the Coastal areas for their own. We ARE the freakin' engine for this state. Without us, Louisiana is nothing but a swamp.

Since the Deluge, we've been thankful, been nothing but gracious about the help we have gotten, but now... we've got to fight. It's not just enough to fix our houses, we have to band together and wage the Third Battle of New Orleans. We must stand.

Jefferson stated that a revolution from time to time is a healthy thing. I've always believed in that.

So many folks are afraid to shake the tree, but sometimes we have to. Now... we must.

Long live the Isle d'Orleans!

Mr. Clio said...

There has to me some meat behind the PR, and I fear that there is not enough meat at the top. I think a lot of amazing grassroots stuff is going on, a lot of which is being ignored by the "experts." The neighborhood groups that have been working for months are already being ignored. And the planning process in Nagin's BBNO Commission (a plan I liked in many ways) hasn't gone anywhere.

Mr. Melpomene said...

As if on cue, here is further evidence that the message is entirely negative http://www.shreveporttimes.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20060621/NEWS0802/606210328/1061/NEWS02